A line with innovative formulas


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Spray 75 Spray 75

Purifying green lime spray

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All over shampoo All over shampoo

All over shampoo shower gel

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Emersoap Emersoap

Clenasing Hand Soap

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Emercream Emercream

Rebalancing hand cream

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Emerhand Emerhand

Sanitizing and cleaning action

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Thermal Cloud Thermal Cloud

Refreshing botanical water for facial skin

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Emergel Emergel

Soothing cleansing gel with anti-inflammatory action

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Emergency 400 Emergency 400

Ozone-based adjuvant in irritation treatment

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Emergency Oil Emergency Oil

Creates a film-coating effect which protects the affected area

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Skin Repair Skin Repair

It hydrates and renews the skin protective barrier

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Emergency H Emergency H

Ozone-based adjuvant in haemorroids treatment

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Scargel Plus Scargel Plus

An aid in treating scars

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Emergyn Emergyn

Physiological and delicate cleansing wash for intimate area

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Emergyn 10 Emergyn 10

Protective cream for the intimate area

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Neozone 4000: the exclusive Ozonized Sunflower Seed Oil that stimulates cellular activity.



DottorPrimo in Italian means Doctor First. First Aid, alias an help when people are in “emergency”.

In fact, this line is born from the Research and Development Laboratory of an Italian company,
specialised in skin care and medical devices.

Dottor Primo faces all the specific skin needs people have in their lives:

injuries, little accidents as sun burns, irritations and need of protection.

For this aims it employs the best skincare technologies, innovative active ingredients
(like the patented Ozonized Oil) and a strong productive capacity
that ensures quality, safety and competence.

The scientific apparatus underpins every single product in order to grant results and satisfaction.

Design, research and development: the constant commitment of DottorPrimo laboratories.