Skin Repair


It hydrates and renews the skin protective barrier

Skin Repair is a special so-called “liquid crystal” emulsion, which comprises lipid layers alternating with hydrophilic solution layers. This lamellar structure – typical of liposomes – imitates the structure of cell membranes.

This similarity enables and fosters the penetration and the gradual transfer of active ingredients to the skin.

The principle of “cell biomimetism” maximises the action of active ingredients and is more efficient in terms of controlled release over time.

Acts on

Irritations, dermatitis and mild forms of eczema


Multiple times a day, as needed


Strong penetration and transfer of active ingredients to the skin

Active ingredients of the product

Perfect to treat atopic dermatitis and mild forms of eczema.


The product

The emulsion is built up as a multilamellar system featuring alternating lipid and aqueous layers – the so-called “liquid crystal” system. This structure takes advantage of biomimetism, due to the similarity to cell membranes, to ensure a faster but gradual and effective penetration and absorption.


Skin Repair is ideal when the skin excessively peels, is highly dehydrated, is hypersensitive and prone to irritation. It is perfect to treat atopic dermatitis and mild forms of eczema.

How to use

Spread the cream on the target areas. Repeat the application multiple times a day, as needed.


Keep away from sources of heat. Store at a temperature below 30 °C; possibly store in a refrigerator. Do not use on injured skin or in case of known hypersensitivity or allergies to one or more components. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid release to the environment after use.

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