Emergency 400


Ozone-based adjuvant in irritation treatment

Emergency 400 contains a combination of ozonized sunflower oil (NEOZONE 4000) and α-bisabolol (patent no. 0001404677) that, according to experimental studies, has proven its fundamental activity in fostering the skin tissue repair process and its improving action on inflammatory conditions.



Acts on

Reddenings, mild burns, minor sunburns, cracking, irritations


Multiple times a day, as needed


Soothing and calming activity on skin imbalances of various kinds

Active ingredients of the product

Neozone 4000 10%

Neozone 4000 10%

Neozone 4000 is sunflower oil ozonized with 4.000 meq/l of added oxygen, corresponding to an average value of 9,6%.

Alfa-Bisabolol 1%

Alfa-Bisabolol 1%

α-bisabolol is widely known for its soothing action.

18-α-Glycyrrhetic Acid 0.1%

18-α-Glycyrrhetic Acid 0.1%

This active ingredient, naturally found in liquorice root, is known for its antinflammatory activity, resembling that of cortisone derivatives.

Its active ingredients are indicated for the prevention and topical treatment of irritating conditions and localized skin alterations.


The product

The backbone of Emergency 400’s active ingredients is an emulsifying formula, which enables a quick absorption on the skin and the fulfilment of its soothing and calming activity on skin imbalances of various kinds.

Thanks to this multiple activity, the product can be defined as an “immediate first aid”, that must always be available for use.


Emergency 400 is exclusively indicated for external use, for the prevention and topical treatment of irritating conditions and localized skin alterations of various kinds, such as:

  • reddening of various kinds
  • mild burns and minor sunburns
  • skin dryness, dehydration and cracking
  • irritation and itching due to insect bites.

How to use

Spread the cream on the area to be treated and delicately massage in, until absorbed. Repeat the application multiple times a day, as needed.


Keep away from sources of heat. Store at a temperature below 30 °C; possibly store in a refrigerator. Do not use on injured skin or in case of known hypersensitivity or allergies to one or more components. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid release to the environment after use.

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