Cosmoproject belongs to the most important European companies as for the design and production of skincare cosmetics. Excellence is its aim. Quality Made in Italy is its DNA.

Founded in 1993 by the entrepreneur Primo Tortini, today it is a point of reference in toll manufacturing for the main brands of the cosmetic industry and private labels.


Cosmoproject’s products are conceived and developed in the Design Department, whose staff focuses on research, design, planning, implementation and control.

The Department resources are assigned to the Design area based on customer briefing, the Testing area based on company briefing and – most importantly – to the Research and clinical trial area, to obtain new formulations, new active ingredients, new synergies and new textures.


Cosmoproject’s Research and Development Lab is located in a modern design department, along with the technical offices, the global quality team, the reception areas for suppliers and clients and a space dedicated to training.

The Labs develop innovative formulations and projects, in line with the most recent international trends, or they conceive tailored solutions to meet the client’s specific requirements.

The Laboratory staff is comprised of scientific graduates, who are highly skilled in the chemical and technical fields. Each procedure is rigorously carried out in observance of the laws in force.


The whole Laboratory activity is supported and guaranteed by the supervision of the Regulatory Office, which is in charge of following the legislative updates on the matter and of implementing them.

It is the lab devoted to the evaluation and measurement of sensory aspects and results obtained by samples. Here, the assessment of the products’ effects/effectiveness and pleasantness is made possible by the professionalism of expert evaluators and cutting-edge technologies.




Working with an ethical company means knowing that each corporate decision and attitude is steered by values and rules of conduct aiming at doing business while safeguarding society and environment and developing confidence.




The Research and Development Lab is devoted to designing, developing and refining the product. It boasts next-generation equipment and highly-skilled staff.

Moreover, it cooperates with several external laboratories and Universities specialized in the cosmetic field.

Prior to the industrialization step, the Laboratory monitors the product stability and compatibility under the following conditions:

Real time >> 36 months

Accelerate 40 ° C >> 6 months

Cycle test >> 15/+40 °C – 7 stages

Freezer >> 15 °C – 1 week

Solar box >> 12 + 12 hours



A green oriented company: the company policies lean towards the use of recyclable materials, and waste sorting is performed throughout the plant.


It is devoted to executing accurate microbiological controls throughout the process.

The tests are performed on raw materials, bulk and finished products and involve:

  • Total bacterial count
  • Yeasts and moulds
  • Pathogenic microorganisms

Particular attention is paid to controlling water, a most-important raw material that must be of the utmost quality.

The top-level production system is complemented by a global focus on quality, in order to guarantee a full-service offer aiming at the highest customer satisfaction.

DSC 0400 
Cosmoproject takes pride of the water used for production, as it is deionized by a reverse osmosis plant, is microbiologically treated with UV lamps and subject to real-time monitoring. A safe and valuable essential raw material.                                                                                                


Cosmoproject boasts an integrated quality management system spread out to all company activities.

From the reception of components (raw materials, packaging items and water) to the delivery of the finished product.


This system safeguards every step of the production process. Quality means process reproducibility and reduction of the margin of error.

Moreover, this constitutes a core aspect for the customer, who thus receives a safe, tested, controlled and – essentially – faultless product.


The production of Ozonides is Cosmoproject’s feather in the cap. As a matter of fact, it shows how pure Research and productive Technology constitute synergic and deeply interconnected and dependent factors, which are very uncommonly supported internally by a single company.    

Neozone 4000: the exclusive Ozonized Sunflower Seed Oil that stimulates cellular activity.