Ozone was discovered in 1840 and is a three atom molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. It is highly unstable and reactive.
Since it’s very instable, one of the most demanding challenges in the past consisted of “trapping” it and using it for therapeutic purposes.
The ozone therapy trials on human plasma have shown that the Ozone prefers the double bonds of unsaturated lipid chains and it tends to bond with them through an electrophilic addition reaction.

Neozone 4000 has been recorded at European level as Ozonized Sunflower Seed Oil.


The Ozonide is obtained through reaction between gaseous Ozone and double bonds found in the oleic and linoleic acid chains of the vegetable oil.
The ozone addition to double bonds is an electrophilic addition reaction leading to the adduct assumed by Criegee.


Such primary adduct undergoes a rearrangement in order to give a stable oxygenated compound at room temperature called Ozonide.

Unsaturated fatty acids provide an excellent substrate to trap the Ozone in a fairly stable way.


The technology of unsaturated substrate ozonation is a cutting edge technology. Through the catalytic addition reaction of Ozone obtained from superpure oxygen and sunflower seed oil, Cosmoproject produces NEOZONE 4000 which is chemically standardised to the content of 9.6 g per 100 g of final Active Ingredient: a very high content that allows biological oxygen to be brought onto the skin in great amounts and with hailed therapeutic activities.


Neozone 4000 performs three specific activities proven by tests whose results are available at the company venue:


germicidal activity

germicidal activity
(antibacterial, antifungal)

skin's defence

it improves skin’s
defence ability

bio-dinamizing activicy

bio-dinamizing activicy
(revitalisation of epithelial tissues, stimulation of tissue regrowth, cicatrization action)

Chemical standardisation has been performed by the Institute of Organic Chemistry of Parma:

  • identification of the control method through Peroxide Index
  • The method is modified with reference to the official method of Pharmacopoeia in order to have accurate indexes on high values of peroxidation
  • N.M.R. spectroscopy that detects and identifies the absorption peaks and their relevant quality standards
  • Measurement of density/saturation level ratio
  • Stability test after 360 days of Neozone 4000 as it is, and in different formula substrates

Studies available in Cosmoproject show that the ozonide molecule is incomparably more stable than gaseous Ozone. The investigation about its behavior is carrying on by several stability tests, which are carried out at the Organic and Industrial Chemistry Department of the University of Parma.

Even if the ozonide molecule is incomparably more stable than gaseous Ozone, it is really active in biological field mainly on the epithelial tissue (its activity is influenced by the storage temperature). The amount of active oxygen and the performances of the ozonide molecule are expressed by the Peroxides Index.


The production of ozonides is Cosmoproject’s feather in the cap.
As a matter of fact, it shows how pure Research and productive Technology constitute synergic and deeply interconnected and dependent factors, which are very uncommonly supported internally by a single company.

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