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Sanitizing and cleaning action

A product formulated to perform a sanitizing and cleaning action, even without water, and a hydrating effect, to give the skin a velvety and soft touch.
The antibacterial formulation contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol and Ozonized oil, featuring sanitizing and protective properties.
The product is fine-tuned by Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, exerting a nourishing, moisturising and silkening action.

Being ideal for the daily use and for the whole family, Emerhand respects the skin hydrolipid film and offers protection, freshness and a pleasant “clean sensation”.


Available sizes:

  • flip-top bottle 50 ml and 100 ml
  • flip-top tube 75 ml
  • dispenser bottle 250 ml and 350 ml
  • big dispenser bottle 500 ml and 1000 ml

Active ingredients of the product

A fresh and ultralight gel, formulated with an antibacterial and Ozonized oil, to exert a sanitizing, cleaning and protective action.


The product

Hand sanitizer gel with Antibacterial, Ozonized oil, Vitamin E and Aloe.


A product to sanitize the skin without water. For external use.

How to use

Pour some drops of product on the palm and rub very carefully (between the fingers too) until it dries. No water is needed.


For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse out with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.

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